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Water filtration and purification, water softened, Reverse osmosis drinking water systems, whole house reverse osmosis, Pumps, Irrigation and more... water treatment equipment whole house water filter water softener system

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10% off on all filter and softener packages. Ask how to receive a free RO drinking water system

What People are saying about us

Dan says, best water company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Lox Fl

Shelli Says
June 11 at 2:31 PM

We’ve relied on this company for over 21 years for all  of our water softener needs. Prompt ,reliable ,dependable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called with no water and they were out that same day which is imperative for horse owners  We have been completely happy with all our water softener needs and services Thank you Bill for always being just a phone call away  We appreciate your company and dedication to your clients.

June 11 · 

I use this company for over 30 years for all of my water softening and pump services. They are very reliable and get the job done in a timely fashion.

Ana says:

We live in South Florida more specifically in the treasure coast where the water is hard and contains  a fair amount of metals, chlorine and other chemicals. My husband and I decided to install a RO system that has given us beautiful tasting water to drink for years.  Recently we decided to install a water Filtration system for the whole house. I could not believe how soft and clean the clothes came out of the dryer after  they had  been washed with the new filtered water and a fraction of the detergent that I had used before. I simply love the fact that I don't have to clean showers as often anymore. The best part of all is how soft and silky my hair feels after a shower, that goes for my skin as well. The installation of this system Is not only a great investment for me and my family's health but nice savings in household cleaners as well.
I must definitely recommend Tropical Water System. The price Is very competitive.  My family and I are very satisfied .

Free courtesy water testing

Free water testing for PH, chlorine, hardness and total dissolved solids. Ask how to get a free lead test.  

Amazing new products on the market

Check out the new Clack computerized and metered valves that are more efficient than  ever before. That paired with tried and true medias, you can have amazing H2o


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William (Bill) Rauenzahn started and has operated Tropical Water Systems Corp since the early 90’s. Filtering, treating, purifying and softening ground water. Bill has also been drilling wells and building custom water systems, including whole house reverse osmosis systems for commercial and residential applications. Bill has been working in hard to deal with ground water situations in the western communities for almost 30 years. Installing thousands of different types of filters and softeners using Fleck valves and working on many different installed systems in the field for our customers.  We have also installed countless numbers of under the sink RO drinking water systems with great success. 

Lately we have been customizing whole house reverse osmosis systems and filtering and softening city water. Removing chlorine, hardness and various other dissolved solids and gasses that penetrate our water supply. We found an amazing valve with an impressive history, which has been brought into the future with the computerized capabilities that allow water, salt and energy savings with the CLACK Industry, Check them out!

I, Chris Grimm, got started in the water business first in 2004 when we partnered offering wells, irrigation, purification and softening. After that, I merged into sales and consulting with 1 or 2 of the national companies. I did not last to long in that position because I did not fit the business model of not taking no for an answer and overcharging for under par equipment.

I have been down many different roads in my 56 years of travels including but not limited to various fields. A short tour with the AF working on B-52’s, in the construction industry including most trades with hands on, personal training (so many years ago), massage therapist,  growing organic microgreens and marketing to commercial industries, and a project consultant for the past 10 years in the construction industry. Knowing what’s going on with our water, air and food quality and being aware of our environment, utilizing state of the art water technology and testing equipment, and having the water purification knowledge and experience that we possess, we feel extremely competent that you will be happy you had us out to test your water and explain what your options are.  Please forgive the many typos, as you can see, I am better with working with water than designing websites…We just wanted to get the word out on the street for the first time in 30 years. Regards, Chris and Bill.

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